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Thursday, November 29, 2012

[Video] Karmin - Sleigh Ride

I know her!
Download "Sleigh Ride" FREE at

Happy Holidays!

Big love and thank you to Coach for making this video with us. And to Rachel Zoe for being maj and styling us! xoxo!/karminmusic


Rooftop we pause, just like the Clause
Noses so red Pointsetteias in a vase
My Pillsbury dough boy, gingerbread tough
Now kiss me did you miss me mistletoe for some luck

The winter ice so cold yeah it's clogging my snuff
I need the fireplace hot get the logs in the ov
Until I get my egg nog a-fog foggin' me up
Catch me candy cane crunchin' - come on!

Image: Amy Heidemann

1 comment:

  1. Coach Taps Karmin for Holiday Campaign

    “I think the best way to describe our experience is whirlwind, because only last year, we were living in Boston and working these really odd jobs and making YouTube videos in our spare time to earn our audience,” she says. “Soon enough we had one that went viral, which meant it got like a million views a week or something, so lots of people were really aware of who we were. We started doing TV shows and signed a record deal, which is every band’s dream.”

    Noonan, joining his fiancée on the couch dressed in a shawl collared sweater and his own red sneakers, says of the video, “We decided on The Ronettes’ version of ‘Sleigh Ride’ because it was super stupid catchy, so we were like, ‘Hey, I think we could make this fun.’”

    Adds Heidemann: “We could Karmin-ize.”

    Besides finishing each other’s sentences, the couple is adept at explaining the importance of the Internet and videos to their fame. “People talk about videos going viral and that’s such a bizarre concept because it literally didn’t happen four or five years ago. We are lucky to have something in that space because it’s going to be bigger every year going forward, so it’s really important to keep feeding that audience. Like ‘Gangnam Style,’ some of the biggest songs of the year started online,” Noonan observes.

    “YouTube just happens to be the biggest video sourcing site,” says Heidemann. “It’s like bigger than Google now. Our first few cover songs went on one channel, which has close to a million subscribers, so what that means when we put this video up is that it’s being instantly shot out to a million people. They log in and it’s like, ‘Watch me.’”