Sunday, April 28, 2013

Boston Globe Cover Story: 102 Hours in Pursuit

The Boston Globe: 102 Hours in Pursuit

Amazing Boston Globe Cover Story: The Boston Globe: 102 Hours in Pursuit.

Not to take away from the fantastic reporting job that the Globe Staff did, but they still don't promote the multi-media content well in the print edition.

Here's what we see in the newspaper:
Dear @bostonglobe How about highlighting online video and graphics with a GRAPHIC?

"Visit for interactive graphics and a video."

You could do a better job of highlighting this.

Here's what a link to the interactive graphics and a video looks like online:
102 hours in pursuit of Marathon bombing suspects - Metro - The Boston Globe: Related

Here are the links:




Maybe take a cue from the online designers and add a graphic to highlight this stuff for people reading the newspaper?

One more thing, please tweet out a link to your cover story earlier than 10:32 AM, that would help us find it online to retweet:

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