Monday, April 29, 2013

#Massachusetts U.S. #Senate special election primary Twitter Poll


Test #2. New Massachusetts U.S. Senate special election primary Twitter Poll Here 4/30/13.

I'm testing out poptip with a Massachusetts U.S. Senate special election primary Twitter Poll.

Dash | Poptip

Once you set up your poll, you tweet it out.

Here's my tweet:

At first I expected there to be a link to the next PUBLIC RESULTS PAGE, but there wasn't.

You vote by replying to the tweet.




As the @ REPLY votes come in, some tweets have to be manually moderated to count votes. I had to give the third tweet to Winslow. Not sure why I had to do this by hand. I've got a question in to poptip.

Moderating Votes: Dash | Poptip

Answers from poptip to some questions I had:

Q: Why isn't a link to my poll tweeted out.

A: We do not automatically tweet out the Poptip Results link for a few reasons:

- We do not ever post on behalf of our customers
- Many of our customers use Poptip for all social media posts, not just questions, as it is a very useful tool for analyzing all posts sent

Q: How long does it take for tweets to be added to the results page?

A: Poptip processes a tweet and visualizes it on your dashboard and results page within 15 milliseconds.

Q: Are the results tied to replying to the original tweet, or can I follow up with additional calls to action?

A: To do a follow-up call to action, share your results page and allow people to respond there. Or, you can promote the tweet, as many brands do -- This will extend the life of the tweet.

Direct replies to a new tweet (not your original Poptip tweet) will not count as votes toward your Poptip poll.

However, @mentions to your account that are not direct replies to any other tweets will count as votes toward your Poptip poll.

Replies follow Twitter's unique Tweet ID so that we can analyze results on a per-tweet basis.

Q: Why did I have to moderate the third tweet, (image above), to select Winslow manually?

A: When you specify a very long response option (i.e., Daniel B Winslow (R)), we only pick up that exact, word-for-word phrase. If you had only entered Winslow, we would pick up all instances of Winslow.


I closed that poll. Learned a few things by creating it. Should have had one word answers.

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