Friday, June 03, 2016

Big Ring Video Doorbell Mac Update Just arrived

Big Ring Video Doorbell Mac Update Just arrived. It includes a fix for my personal bug, you can now paste a link of a video your have copied! Yes, Copy/Paste works. ;-):
Ring 0.53


- If you close all of the windows, the app will still remain running and you'll get your notifications
- You'll get a notification in the app if your device has a low battery
- Got a particular audio device you prefer to use for calls? You can now choose your preferred audio devices by going to Ring > Preferences in the main menu. (if you're on a laptop and your preferred audio devices aren't available, we will fall back to using the currently set speakers and mic)
- You can download or copy a link to a video from right in the video player


- If you're a shared user, we won't show you delete buttons you shouldn't see
- Addressed a timing specific issue in which if you tried playing a video at just the right time (or just the wrong time depending on how you look at it) you'd be prompted to upgrade to Cloud Video Recording even though you had it
- Addresses a rare crash that could occur when opening your device settings
- Lots of visual tweaks and fixes throughout the app
- The app is a lot less chatty in your Console app
- If your login session becomes invalid, the app can now gracefully recover by prompting you to log in again
- You can now paste video URLs into Chrome again
- Windows for calls no longer float above menu bar controls like volume control. They still float above all other windows, though
- Several fixes to the Pro Doorbell Motion Zones settings
- In Pro Doorbell settings we no longer mention that your device is hardwired, because *of course* it's hardwired
- If you click on the TOS or privacy policy links for Google Maps in the address picker, they will open in your browser.
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