Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The Boston Globe Doesn't Mention or Link to Online Video

I read this article by Christopher Muther in today's Boston Globe and thought that it was the perfect article to have an accompanying video.

But, there was no mention of a video, or link to a video, in the print version of today's paper. This has been a problem for years. I've written about it here extensively. Back in 2013, I even asked the editor of the Boston Globe, Brian McGrory, if they could mention links to multimedia content in the print version of the newspaper. He told me that they knew that they had to do a better job. They still do.

Here's today's Wednesday Food section.

Screenshot: ePaper version of printed WednesdayFood

When I went on line to search for a video, I couldn't find the Wednesday Food section.


So I searched. And I found a page with a blank space where a video should have been, We made a "Tasty" recipe. The Boston Globe's Christopher Muther attempts to cook a recipe from a "Tasty" video. Note: Where's the article?

Blank space where the video should have been on iPad.

Screenshot: No Video on iPad

Same on iPhone.

Screenshot: No Video on iPhone

Then I checked the web version, still no video.

Screenshot: No Video

But wait! After a while, it loaded.

Screenshot: With Video

Integrating multimedia pointers into the newspaper seems like it could be added to the print and online versions of the Boston Globe with proper planning.

A simple solution would be to direct readers to an online link that would include the day's multimedia content.

There are probably examples online. ;-)

Note: Updated to reflect no video on iPad or iPhone.

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