Thursday, October 09, 2003 Liquor sales bill rejected in House.
Representative Michael E. Festa, a Melrose Democrat who filled in for Bosley yesterday, said about 12 legislators determined to preserve their districts' competitive advantage were key in yesterday's defeat.
This is the most stupid vote I've ever heard of.

You 12 legislators and the others who joined you in voting no are a disgrace.

Don't you ever watch Star Trek?

The needs of the many outweigh the needs to the few.

You've got to allow us to buy beer on Sunday.

Blue Laws have got to go.

Here are the members of the House of Representatives.

Here are the reps listed by City and Town.

Here's what they call The General Court page.

Where can I go online to see how each rep voted?

Isn't this public knowledge?

Can't I even get to read the text of the bill?

My rep voted NO on this Bill to keep the Blue Laws. I called her office and made my views known. She deals with a lot of substance abuse issues and feels that one less day of alcohol sales will help her constituents.

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