Wednesday, October 22, 2003

StickyBrain version: SB 1.0

Description of problem:
How do I remove the Sticky Brain menu items when I RIGHT CLICK?

I want to remove the software from my machine.

Do you have a utility do do that?



Got a quick answer:
To uninstall StickyBrain perform the following steps:

1. Delete the “StickyBrain” folder located in the Documents folder.
2. Delete the “StickyBrain” folder located in the “Contextual Menu Items”
folder. This folder is found in your home Library folder.
3. Press Command+Control+Option+Shift+X keys. This will quit the background
application HotKey.
4. Delete the “StickyBrain” folder from the Applications folder.
5. Remove HotKey from the Login Items list in System Preferences.
Command+Control+Option+Shift+X is the hardest key combination I have ever had to press!

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