Saturday, October 25, 2003

Celtics Top Nets to End Preseason: My Celtics Experience From the 4th Row.
Joshua couldn't make the Celtics pre-season game last night so he gave me his tickets! He said he only wants $11 for them, but I think they're worth more. They were in section one, right at half-court, four rows from the floor.

I had expected a little more legroom, but I guess the Fleet Center has to cram as many seats in there as possible.

It's a great location to watch the game from, looking at the scoreboard makes your neck sore though.

Going into the game I was excited to see Jiri Welsh. The first time he touched the ball, he couldn't catch it and it went out of bounds. :-(

He didn't do so well in the five minutes he played. I'm sure he'll do better as he gets more playing time.

Vin Baker looked amazing. Paul Pierce makes getting baskets look easy from anywhere on the floor.

Raef LaFrentz did a great job getting both offensive and defensive rebounds. He's going to work out just fine.

Both Marcus Banks and Mike James are what you'd call speedy!

Since we had a few empty seats around us, we were visited my many different people all night long, who chose to try out our neighboring seats.


The Three Teenage Boys Sitting In Our Seats:
I asked them if we were in teh right section and they quickly moved down. then when other people came they more over to the next section. Later they moved farther away. I think they spent their whole night moving all around the Fleet Center. What are the ushers there for anyway. They didn't care one bit who was sitting in any of the seats. Maybe after hte season starts they enforce the tickets more, but from this experience I might just grab a $10 ticket and go sit in the $140 seats myself.

The Teenage Girls Behind Us:
These teenage girls spent all their time on the cell phone talking about boys and getting up and down and running over to see a boy who was a ball boy. They even sat forward in their seats so that their piercing shrill voices would go right in my ear. Thanks girls.

They Guy Who Yelled 'WALKER'.
So the guys sitting in the row in front of us yells, 'WALKER'. I was more like 'WAAAAA-KEERRRRRRRRR'. Does he think it's amusing? I guess.

The Two Boys Beside Us:
These two little kids had Celtics shirts on and were nicely behaved. Between the 2nd and 3rd quarter, shirts were thrown into the stands. Well some guy jumped up in front of the little kids and grabbed the shirt. The Celtics shirt-throwers on the court told him to give it to the little kid that he jumped in front of. He said no. So a guy sitting 3 rows back went out and bought the kid a Celtics shirt and gave it to him. That was so nice. The little kid went up and shook his hand and thanked him.

The Father and Three Little Kids Who Like To Kick Chairs:
OK, so just the little kids were kicking the chairs. They were only there for one quarter though.

Celtics Wives:
Behind us were the Celtics wives. Their little kids were so cute. They were so excited to get on the scoreboard camera.

I'd like to know who the blonde was? It looked like she just got off a modeling shoot.

The crowd really rocked the rafters and made so much noise it was amazing. It didn't happen during the game though. The crowd went crazy to win some black Celtics baseball hats. Do they call them baseball hats? Anyway, the announcer tells the crowd to make some noise to win a hat and the crowd made noise.

They also go crazy and dance when the camera puts them on the scoreboard. Typical fan when the camera captures them:

1. Bored
2. See's themselves on scoreboard camera
3. Stand up
4. Wave Hands
5. Shake Booty
6. Look up at scoreboard
7. Keep looking at scoreboard
8. Shake booty
9. Point at logo on shirt

Over all I'd say it was a good time. Seeing the Celtics up close allowed me to see the fun they were having in court especially Eric Williams and Walter McCarty.

I'm gonna watch some games on TV this year.

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