Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Harpoon Brewery - Friends of Harpoon.
I went to the Harpoon Brewery in Boston tonight for a special preview tasting of their new 100 Barrel Series - Abbey Ale.


The brewer, Sean Cornelius, talked about how he decided to brew this beer, It was after a trip to Belgium where he really enjoyed the Belgian beers.

Who wouldn't? Belgian beers are the best!

The 100 Beer Series allows a brewer at Harpoon to make up his own recipe.

This beer is amazing. I'd be so psyched if they brewed it year round.

Abbey Ale!

It's so cool to have a local brewery that is so welcoming and inviting to people who really enjoy their beer.

Join the Harpoon Brewery - Friends of Harpoon and you can be invited to events like this too.

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