Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Hey! $2 is $2. It's the principle of the thing.
I walked into Microcenter to day and saw that they had this SMC EZ Connect 802.11b Wireless PCMCIA Network Adapter SMC2635W on sale for 20% off with an instant rebate of $2 and a mail in rebate of $10.

So I picked it up and brought it to the register. I looked at the list price, $39.99, and did a quick calculation to see what my total cost would be.

I'll usually do that to make sure it gets rung up correctly. Do you do it too?

Anyway, I figured that it would be $40 less 20% which would be $32, less $2 would make it $30.

So I got to the register and the cashier tells me that it's going to be $33.60

Hmm... seems a little high. I asked the cashier how he came to that price and he told me that it was $39.99 less 20% which equaled $31.99 plus tax.

I said, "What about the $2 instant rebate?"

"Oh, you get that in the mail," he replied.

I told him that I was supposed to get a $2 instant rebate in addition to the 20% discount.

He just shrugged his shoulders and said something about there not being any $2 instant rebate.

I told him that it said so on the sign and went back to re-read the sign.

I asked him if there was anyone that he could call and he said, "Well, I could call the manager."

I said, "Ok, why don't you do that because the $2 instant rebate on the sign must mean something and I'd like to know what it refers to."

So the manager came over and gave me the additional $2 off.


And don't get me started as to why it's listed at $29.99 on the web site.

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