Saturday, October 11, 2003

Intolerable Cruelty: Intolerable.
Bottom line: The Coen brothers go Hollywood and end up with a throw-away farce instead of a sparkling romantic comedy.

The Coen brothers had a golden opportunity to make a darkly humorous, deliciously clever battle of the sexes, and they let it slip through their fingers. Instead, the duo settled for a broad farce that is long on manic, cartoonish behavior and short on intelligence and wit. Given the palpable chemistry that exists between stars George Clooney and Catherine Zeta-Jones, this proves doubly disappointing.
Intolerable Cruelty is no School of Rock. I've seen School of Rock and was totally engaged in that one from start to finish.

In Intolerable Cruelty I found my self wondering why they even wrote this movie. Catherine Zeta-Jones looks great, but I need more from a movie than just a pretty face. And George Clooney looks crazed throughout. Why this movie is getting good reviews is beyond me.

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