Friday, October 03, 2003

Mandarin Reading: Best Buffet, Ice Cream and Tea Cups.
Exit 40 off 128.

That's where you should go if you're up in the Reading area at lunch time.

They've got an amazing buffet with a ton of selections including some really tasty, crispy onion pancakes.

General Gau's Chicken wasn't too spicy for me and the Coconut Ice Cream was amazing.

On my way out I stopped to compliment the hostess on the meal, and asked her if she was familiar with Kowloon. Big huge restaurant with a big thing on top that lights up at night? She said no.

Then I asked about Hilltop Steakhouse. Huge neon cactus, really, really high? Plastic cows grazing on the front lawn? Again no.

Then Prince Retaurant. Leaning Tower of Pizza? No.

Turns out that she just arrived from NYC and hadn't been to Route 1 yet.

So I plotted out a route for her to learn all about the classic places on Route 1 in Saugus.

The seemed excited to go eat Pizza in a building that has a replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the front of it.

Anyway, after telling her about the history of Route 1, I complimented her on the fine quality of their tea cups. They looked like they were brand new, as opposed to the tea cups you get at Kowloon that look like they've been used for over 50 years, are tea stained and scratched in every place.

So there you go.

A new find and three classics.

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