Monday, October 27, 2003

Second Looks at First Impressions
Despite the poor lighting from the partially burned out fluorescents and the requisite musty odor that older things seem to emit when they are stored, the room that makes up the vinyl record library is still awe inspiring. The shelves rise eight feet high, dwarfing any who enter with row upon row of twelve-inch records, packed in so tightly they seem on the brink of bursting out of the storage space.

This is the record collection of Boston's WZBC, 90.3 FM. WZBC is the radio station of Boston College, although anyone who knows the station will tell you that the Abercrombie savvy student body of BC hasn't embraced the station as warmly as the city of Boston (and the admirers who experience the station beyond the transmitter range via web cast) has.
Michael Patrick Brady takes us on a tour of leading edge 80's music, via DJ album comments.

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