Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ourmedia Explained

JD Lasica explains how Ourmedia is different than just belonging to the Internet Archive?
Let us count the ways:

1) The Internet Archive remains geared toward scholars and historians. Ourmedia is geared toward anyone who has ever picked up a camcorder, tape recorder or camera.

2) The Internet Archive's UI isn't very friendly. We're out to create a very user-friendly experience for people.

3) The Internet Archive only allows public domain and Creative Commons-licensed works. Ourmedia allows those as well as fully copyrighted works.

4) The Internet Archive is about storage and preservation. Ourmedia is about storage, preservation, community, and learning. We're in the process of creating tutorials, best practices and learning centers.

5) The Archive is a fairly static experience. Ourmedia has completely new content on the front page every week, free member blogs, and new ways to slice and dice content: we hope to soon have a search engine that lets you seek out content that you can legally remix and recirculate.

Understand that all media on Ourmedia is stored on the Internet Archive's servers, and everything else is on Bryght's servers.
Ourmedia is a place for your media.

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