Sunday, March 20, 2005

We can touch the bread with our bare hands

I was in a restaurant on Newbury street last night and watched the staff prepare bread baskets through the open windows at the back of the restaurant.

Without exception, each staff person removed flat bread, and cut loaves of bread using their bare hands.

The manager came over and inquired what I was doing and who I was with and I told him that I was a dinner patron and was concerend with the food handling I was seeing.

He explained that gloves were available in the area for staff to use, and I informed him that NONE of the staff were using gloves.

I asked if gloves were required for serving bread and he then explained that there was hand sanitizer, that staff members used, and that there were sinks available for staff to wash their hands.

I've written to the Inspectional Services Division to determine if he was telling the truth or not.

Category: Food Protection From Contamination

Example: Bare hand contact with ready to eat food products.

Mayor's Food Court.

What the codes mean.

Food poisining.

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