Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Steve Garfield Show

Podcast Title: The Steve Garfield Show
Podcast RSS Feed URL:

I've been so busy with the videoblog revolution that I haven't really made the time to create a podcast, until today.

Now, with, I've been able to easily create a podcast. It's exciting!

The interesting thing about it though, is that it doesn't have an associated blog.

All I did was open up an account on and create an audio post.

I recorded the audio from the speaker on my PowerBook directly into a web page at

Then I created an XML feed and popped the audio post into the feed.

Voila, a podcast.

It was easy.

You can subscribe to my podcast feed with this Podcast RSS Feed URL:

You can also listen to my first podcast here:

Hello Warner Brothers Records, please sponsor my podcast.

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I just learned how to include an mp3 file with my podcast posts to the blog so now you can get all my new podcasts on the blog feed:

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