Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Professor Garfield?

I taught a class at Northeastern University tonight.

We had a great class.

I was filling in for my friend Ravi in his class: Video and the Internet.

I showed the class a bunch of blogs and talked about the power of blogging.

They were really interested in it. so I showed them all how to create their own blogs with blogger.

Here they are:
Krista Melnardis -
Dagmar Calixt -
Milano Gabriel -
Kunal Shetty -

Now they have an incentive to get some video posted!

Next they wanted to know how to put pictures on their blogs, so I showed them

I also explained that was going to go live this week and would provide a place where they could put their video for free.

Then they could link to it from their blogger blogs.

I showed them how to create a link and where the help page on blogger is.

So when they finish their projects, they'll be able to upload the video to and link to it from their blogger blogs.

I also told them about where there is a lot of helpful info for videoblogging and a link to the Yahoo! video blogging group.

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