Saturday, March 12, 2005

Women's Football Coming To JP

The Mass Mutiny Women's Football team is going to have thier home games in Jamaica Plain this year!

Just across the street from Doyle's Cafe! Convenient!

I just met the team's new owner Dr. Sheri Russell while I was at Doyle's for a John Tobin Breakfast.

While there I also met Congressman Michael Capuano. I took the opportunity to tell the Congressman about my top three issues as a voter:
1. Do away with the FCC
2. Do away with the IRS
3. Put numbers on the coins
The congressman told me that #1 and #2 were here to stay, but would look into #3 for me.

Shortly after that I met and talked with Seth Donlin, Editor-at-Large, of boston's weekly dig. We had an annimated discussion about a lot of things including this coin issue.

Seth came up with a great slogan for the campaign to get numbers on coins, it's so great that I made up a weblog for it - Change for Change.

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