Wednesday, March 23, 2005

That's Not Right: TurboTax for the Web

I'm doing my mother-in-law's taxes with TurboTax for the Web and have a problem.

I've got an error in there that I can't fix.

I get the error:
Massachusetts Schedule CB: Homeowner Checkbox and the Renter Checkbox cannot both be checked.

The screen says, "You must fix this error."

The problem is, that they give me no way to get into the form to fix it.

I've tried three different browsers. No luck.

I sent TurboTax support an email, and got back a speedy reply:
Dear Steve,

Based on the information you provided we have determined that your issue is best resolved over the phone. You will receive a call back at the phone number you provided within 24 hours. Our hours of operation are 5am-9pm Pacific Standard Time seven days a week.

Thank you for contacting TurboTax technical support.


Amber M

TurboTax Support
Stay tuned.

Update 3:20 PM
The good news is that a support rep from Intuit called be back right away. The bad news is that they could not solve my problem.

Here's their follow up email:
Dear Steve,

We appreciate the opportunity to assist you with resolving your issue. We review your return on the web and were unable to remove the checkmark. We discussed removing the state and redoing the interview as a possible fix. I apologize for not being able to resolve your issue. If you need any additional assistance, feel free to contact us again.

Thank you for contacting TurboTax technical support.


210 Jo-Anne
TurboTax Support
You'd think that someone in tech support could remove a checkmark from a database, but phone support at Intuit couldn't take it that far.

Oh well. I guess I'll just print out the form, grab some white-out, and remove the offending checkmark.

That's one less electronic tax return that'll be filed this year.

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