Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Are people chatting along with TV shows?

At yesterday's Corante SSA conference there was an IRC backchannel where attendees where chatting about what the speaker was talking about, how the room was arranged and sharing links to topics that were mentioned.

Steve and TVThere was also some random and not so random witty comments thrown in. Those commenters, we found out, we the stars of chat rooms.

Are people chatting along with TV shows?

I don't usually watch anything live, so I hadn't thught about this.

Do people go into chat rooms and talk about TV shows as they are aired?

Might be fun to do with a nightly news program.


  1. I don't do it with live TV much these days, but I have done it before with friends while all hanging out on a MUD. We'll also watch various TV and anime shows we have on our computers, having everyone start playing at the same time. It's kind of nifty.

  2. I call it 'co-watching' and use it just like how gregory said... hitting 'play' on something already recorded.