Sunday, November 27, 2005

New Media Musings: Bay Area Media Makers group

Bay Area Media Makers group:
Josh Wolf informs that a new group has arisen from the ashes of the Current TV Meetup group. It's called the Bay Area Media Makers, and will include all media enthusiasts (videobloggers, podcasters, traditional documentarians, etc.).

The group will meet for the first time in March with this on the agenda:

1) Intros
2) Infrastructure: Discussion of the group itself, and out
progress leading up to the next "summit."
3) Pitch Sessions: An opportunity for you to pitch your idea
and hopefully get help from other members.
4) Peer Screenings: A chance to screen your work, and get input
on how you can improve your piece from your peers.
5) Guests, and skill shares: An Opportunity for people to
impart their knowledge about applications, techniques, and
stylistic approaches with the community.
I like Josh's idea. This sounds like the kind of group I'd like to see in the Boston area.


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