Sunday, November 27, 2005

Have you seen The Globe today?

Adam Gaffin features my Budweiser beer post in today's Boston City Weekly, Cameras? The eyes don't have it - The Boston Globe:
"Good as gold
Steve Garfield of JP is at Gary's Liquors in West Roxbury when he spies an $85 bottle of Budweiser. Yes. An $85 bottle. Of Bud. Granted, it's a 46.5 ''magnum' of Budweiser's Brew Masters' Private Reserve, but he figured that worked out to $1.83 an ounce. On his Off on a Tangent blog, his take: ''Seems high for a Bud.'"
The online version of the story doesn't make the link clickable AND they break it onto two lines and add a "-" to the URL on the line break.

When you type the link onto your browser, it gets you nowhere anyway. Gotta tell Adam.

BTW, even though we all talk about Gary's Liquors as being in West Roxbury, it's in Chestnut Hill.

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  1. Anonymous4:55 PM

    That link works now; sorry about that!