Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Which Videoblog Hosting Service to pick?

Noah writes in with a question about where to host his videos:
Hey Steve - I am enjoying your work...I got a quick question for you...

It looks like you're hosting all of your videos at Blip.Tv....are you happy with their service? Are you satisfied with the speed at which their servers deliver your content?

I want to pick one service - and did some tests with, but it was sort of slow...

Whats your take?

Thanks in advance,

Noah in LA
I replied:
Thanks Noah.

I mainly use

I also use, vimeo and the archive via ourmedia.

I can recommend vblogcentral, although they are in beta testing right now and you have to apply for an account. Tell them Steve sent you. ;-)

I like the features of blip that allow cross posting to a few blogs with one post and their community features

I like vimeo's simple and fast upload interface

You can actually use all three/four without being limited to one...


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