Sunday, November 20, 2005

A Grand JP Promenade

The Boston Globe reports on Wednesday night's JP Centre/South Main Streets meeting, Looking ahead to spiffy streets, shops, and a grand promenade: Jamaica Plain Grande Promenade
"One group, presenting its top ideas at the end of the night, proposed a radical change -- replacing a lane of Centre Street with a grand promenade, filled with public art and resting places and connecting the district with Forest Hills and the Arboretum.

''It really does require some discussion of the automobile and what role it has in our community,' said Franklyn Salimbene, 60, speaking for his group. ''By the way, I drive. I like my car,' he added, to much laughter."
I attended this meeting and what set it apart from your regular everyday community meetings where there is an audience and speakers, was the fact that everybody who attended the meeting was able to participate and provide input. Facilitators were sitting at each table to move the discussion along.

Franklyn presented the most creative and forward thinking idea. Also of interest was hearing that Coolidge corner has 70% of it's street level businesses retail and food vs. services.

View more photos from the JP Centre/South Main Street meeting.

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