Friday, November 11, 2005

Dreamhost comes with WordPress

If you want to host your video blog on your own server, Dreamhost is a good solution.

1. Sign up for Dreamhost and register a domain name
2. Log in and perform a one click install of WordPress
3. Go to your newly registered domain and click the WordPress install link. OK, so it's two clicks. :-)
4. Once installed, follow the easy WordPress installation steps.

That's it.

Custom WordPress Header Graphic
The wordPress instructions say the following:
Simply drop in an image called 'personalheader.jpg' into your wp-content/themes/images/ directory. Dimensions should be at least 760px x 200px. Anything above that wil get cropped off of the image.
Well that doesn't quite work out. You've got to do some extra work, such as removing 'comments' tags from the header template. It's not too clear.

Added note about header graphics:
I had hte hardest time trying to determine why my header graphic was showing up in Safari but not FireFox. Finally I saw a note on the WordPress message board that a corrupted image would not show up on a Firefox browser. So i directly opened the image in FireFox and got an error message, "image cannot be displayed, because it contains errors." After that we recreated the header image nad reuploaded it, and it showed up on the site in Firefox. Whew.

vblogcentral users: plugin needed
If you are using vblogcentral to upload your videos to your blog, you need to install the Really Simple Discovery (RSD) Plugin.

After installing, don't forget to go to the WordPress Admin page to activate the new plugin.

More steps involved in setting up a videoblog yourself:
Set up blogroll links.
Create an iTunes graphic.
Set up Feedburner for enabling an RSS 2.0 feed with media enclosures.
Submit RSS 2.0 feed to iTunes music store.

Create an RSS 2.0 link for your page.
Add a spam proof email to your page.
Customize your 404 Page not found page.
Create a .htaccess file so your host finds your 404 page
Customize your title if needed.
Modify your templates to customize your look and feel.

Additional steps:

Make a button for people to link to
Make a favicon.ico

Optional Revenue generating steps:
Set up a CafePress Store.
Set up a PayPal account.
Add a donations page.
Set up Google AdSense. [ You have to apply first ]
Set up an Amazon Associate account.


  1. Hello!

    I'm the author of the RSD plugin you cite in your post (thanks!). It's more of an hugly hack in the current state of affairs in WordPress' world, right now (it was made back in the WP 1.2 days), and some of you may be happy to learn that RSD support will be included in the 1.6 version of WordPress, when it comes out later this year or a th ebeginning of 2006.

  2. Great post! I can't wait for 1.6!