Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I got three tickets today, bad ones.

This wasn't a good day for me.

I got a $20 parking ticket for parking onthe street in Cambridge for over 2 hours.

Then I got a second $20 ticket for leaving my car in the same spot for 2 more hours.

I thought that if you were already paying $20 for the spot you could then keep it all day. ;-)

After hte second ticket I decided to move my car to another spot.

On Mass Ave just past the Cambridge Common, the only way to make a U-Turn is to drive up something like five blocks.

Well, I saw a nice spot across the street, so I made a U-Turn and pulled up past the spot, undid my seatbelt, and went in reverse into the spot, when a police car puled up.

He gave me a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt - $20. He said he gave me a warnign on the U-Turn and that that ticket could have been $50.

"But I always wear my seat belt I told the officer."

"Well you did not have it on when I approached the car."

Yup. That's true.

M.G.L - Chapter 90, Section 13A:
"Chapter 90: Section 13A Seat belt use required; exemptions; penalty

Section 13A. No person shall operate a private passenger motor vehicle or ride in a private passenger motor vehicle, a vanpool vehicle or truck under eighteen thousand pounds on any way unless such person is wearing a safety belt which is properly adjusted and fastened;"

So this is a warning for you. Don't remove your seatbelt when backing into a parking space.

I guess I always do this by habit without realizing it. My dad did it thaty way...

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