Tuesday, November 15, 2005

News Bulletin: Direct shipment of wine to Massachusetts

John from Belchertown writes in:
Looks like H 4477 was amended to H 4490 and then to H 4498. The latter isn't available online yet, but H 4490 is. H 4490 would allow direct shipping in two instances: (i) wineries whose production is < 30000 gal/yr (regardless of wholesaler representation in MA); and (ii) wineries whose production is > 30000 gal/yr if they haven't been represented by a MA wholesaler within the past 6 months.

Generally, I agree that no restrictions would be better. However, from a personal standpoint the only wines I'd likely order would be from small production wineries. As such, I'd consider H 4490 "better than nothing," and will maybe support it.

Also of interest in H 4490 is the limitation of 20 liters/month for each household (around 26 750 ml bottles).

Interested in seeing H 4498...
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