Tuesday, November 08, 2005

No one is producing good video content online

Search Engine Journal » Video Blog Network Launches

BathTubYoga Screen shot"ReelBlogs today announced the launch of the ReelBlogs video blog network. Blogs on the ReelBlogs network will produce short-form video content made specifically for Internet and video podcasting audiences.

There is a rapidly growing demand for good video content online, but no one is producing it yet,” said Robert Spiro, one of the founders of ReelBlogs."

Their first effort is BathTubYoga.

Coming up is a show with puppets cataloging sexual fetishes.

I'm glad someone stepped in to produce good video content online.

I like irony.


  1. Hi Steve, Thanks for the link. I’m a big fan – I first saw you on Rocketboom, and then I starting watching your own video blog. Hope you weren’t too thrown off by my quote. There is good video content online, and I watch it regularly. I do think that there aren’t enough people producing fiction for the internet. Hopefully we can step in and fill the gap.
    Reelblogs wouldn’t have been possible without the groundwork you and others have laid. We’ve posted an homage to Rocketboom on BathTubYoga today… take a look!
    Looking forward to a continued dialogue-

  2. Hi Rob,
    Thanks for writing.

    I couldn't resist that quote. It was just sitting there like low hanging fruit.

    I agree with you about there not being much fiction out there.

    Looking forward to seeing where this all leads.


  3. Just watched that Rocketboom homage.

    Pretty funny.