Saturday, November 12, 2005

Podcast Interview Kit: Steve Garfield

I was interviewed by Christian Moller about videoblogging for WDR, one of Germany's most important stations.

I recorded my answers and posted them for use in my interview.

MP3 File

Unfortunatly, my answers weren't used because I had a Final Cut Pro warning beep in the background.

So the quality isn't good enough for radio, but that won't stop a podcaster, will it?

Feel free to use these answers to the following questions in your podcast:

Just send me a link to your podcast so I'll know.

Here are the questions:

- You said that 2004 was the year of videoblogging. Why?

- How would you judge the development of videoblogging since then? Any important developments/changes...?

- On your website you say yo want me to videoblog. Why should I do so?

- How does vlogging affect television (and journalism in general)?

- But then again: Is this whole about journalism - or is it more about personal expression?

- Do you think videoblogging is a means of democratic empowerment?

- What role does videobloging play in politics?

- A look into the future: Where will videoblogging be in 5 years? How will it change the world?

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