Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Update: Direct Shipment of Wine in Massachusetts

Victor Shopov from State Representative Jeffrey Sanchez office, emailed me with a detailed update on the progress of the Direct Shipment of Wine bill.

I've talked to him about this and just wanted to share his update.

Victor writes:
After the House's approval of the legislation, it will head to the Senate for review. They can amend their version as they see fit and approve it. Should they do so and send it back to the House with any changes, a Conference Committee would then meet to resolve the differences between both versions - that committee is typically made up of 3 members each from the House and Senate. They then release their report to both the House and Senate for approval, and if everything passes at that time, ther bill can be finalized and enacted (i.e., become law). In other words, it still has a little ways to go and is now out of the House's hands - it is for the Senate to act now.

In terms of Winery Size, the changed it from 30,000 to 50,000 in the House bill during the debate, but the Senate could change that provision again when they debate the bill. As I described above, if such a change is made, a Conference Committee would likely get together.

Hope that helps - stay in touch.


thanks Victor for the update.

Now, I'm off to contact my Senators...

Find out who are yor elected officials in Massachusetts.

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  1. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Good grief -- did you see that H 4498 apparently passed both the house and senate on 11/17/05, with various unspecified amendments? (This is per the bill history at I may or may not have supported H 4498, but I'm somewhat flabergasted that after literally years of various direct shipping bills languishing in the general court, H 4498 passed within several days and without the possibility of any sort of meaningful input from us consumers. (The text of H 4498, even as proposed, is still not avialable on the state's website, near as I can figure.) Frankly, I've found this whole process rather bizarre and disheartening. Let's just hope H 4498, however it turned out, is reasonable.