Thursday, November 10, 2005

Video: UMass Video Blogging Class

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Open with QuickTime

This is a video I made at a UMass Boston class on videoblogging that I taught today.

I shot this video on my Canon S400, then used QuickTime Pro to export is as an .mp4.

That reduced the file size and also made it playable on a video ipod.

I uploaded the video to Vimeo.

Vimeo produces code automatically that you can copy and paste into your blog that will put an embeded player right on your blog page.

I just removed that code and changed it in to a .jpg image with links to either the video directly or the video over at vimeo.

I prefer to not have the video load up when the page loads because the slows things down.

More examples of paid and free video hosting can be found over on

I just figured out a better way to do this.

From QuickTime Pro, you choose to export as a MOV, but hten click on the options to use the MPEG-4 Compression type. This puts the mp4 file in a mov wrapper. That keeps you from having problems playing the mp4 file type. More details on this later...

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