Friday, November 04, 2005

WGBH Morning Stories, Ndop!

Yesterday I visited with Tony Kahn of WGBH's Morning Stories.

Morning Stories is a radio program and a podcast that captures unique moments from people's personal stories.

I shot some footage of Tony and his producer Gary Mott for a little behind the scenes video. While interviewing Tony, he taught me a little something about interviewing. I hope to put his tip into practice in future interviews.

The answer is 32. More on this later.

My first little segement will be up soon. My cable connection at home is down and I'm in a coffee shop with a slow Internet connection. Uploading video from here takes a really, really long time.

Uploads at Emack and Bolios are limited to 100MB per session. So my 146.9 MB file exceeded their limit.

I just uploaded my video interview with Tony Kahn over on my video blog. Take a look.


  1. If you ever need to swing by to upload stuff, let us know. We have broadband. So which is your preferred coffee shop/wifi location?