Saturday, November 12, 2005

What Time is it? It's JerryTime!

It's JerryTime, an animated video podcast about Jerry, a 40-something guy who seems to have an issue with just about everything...

A friend of mine Orrin, sent me a video of his brother Jerry.

In the video Jerry is telling a true story about how he was poorly treated when he went out to lunch the other day.

I haven't laughed so much, at a web video, in a long time. I actually had to pause the video, a little way in, to call him on the phone to tell him how unique and engaging it was.

After I watched the whole thing I called Orrin back and we talked about making this into a videoblog. I guess you could call it a video podcast, like Steve Jobs does, since it's kind of like an enhanced podcast with video added.

I finished up the site last night.

It's called: It’s JerryTime!

Take a look and leave some comments for Jerry.

"Forget Reality TV, let's just try reality."

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