Thursday, April 06, 2006

Conversation vs Programming Rex Hammock's Weblog:
"I believe podcasting's greatest impact will be as a personal medium for small groups -- as small as two. While they wisely do not use the word 'podcasting' anywhere on the site and are, indeed, NOT podcasting, the dynamics of what is taking place at YackPack is where I think time-shifiting and sharing audio may be heading (watch their screencast 'video demo' to get the idea). Again, I am not applying the term 'podcasting' to what they're doing -- because it's not -- but clear your mind of 'programming' metaphors and think conversations and what they're doing at YackPack can help you understand the difference between personal media (conversation) and mass media (programming) as it relates to time-shifted audio files. Okay, you are now allowed to connect the dots between conversations and podcasting."

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