Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Falling up the stairs

Jenny writes... What Goes Up Must Come Down. Twice.

Go read her sadly funny story.

I left her a comment and am reposting it here:
Must be something in the water.

I recently forgot to put the flash card in my camera and then didn't have it when I went to take picture of me and Kevin Karlson at the Boston Marathon. Then I swore never to do THAT again. I made a plan to leave the flash card door open on the camera so I'd know it had to be insterted before taking the camera somewhere. The really annoying thing about this is that I took about 10 pictures at the finish line just prior to this and the camera didn't indicate that the flash card was missing.

Then I had my other camera in the car and was going to do a video of how to get from downtown to Sommerville, which I always have a hard time figuring out despite the directions from my good friend Ravi. Turn left at Manny's. I know now. So I went to use that camera nad no flash card! Oh my. That camera beeped at me to tell me the flash card was missing.

I also recently forgot where I parked my car. Where is my mind?

I'm glad you blgged this and can't believe you replied to the man, "“Yeah I’m ok. But I am sooo blogging this.”"

I LOVE that!
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