Saturday, April 15, 2006

Adobe Site of the Day

Adobe Site of the Day - Click.TV and me!

Go explore the new video site Click.TV.

Click.TV used VLOG SOUP as their Video Blog Demo.

Mike Lanza just gave me a preview of his new service Click.TV, that allows viewers of web video to both comment on videos by time, and grab a clip of a video and share it on their website.

He calls it attaching metadata to time.

Have you ever seen a video on a web site and wanted to grab a selection of it and paste it onto your blog? Kinda like people do with text.

What this allows is for you to be able to comment on a video at a certain timecode. After you enter a comment, it gets added to the videos comment area. Then, this comment lives below the video.

If you change to compact mode, your comment is added to the video like closed-captions are added to TV shows. Sweet.

I could see how easy this would make translations for shows like Living With Fallas.

If you click the share video, you can scrub over to an in and out point and then copy the generated HTML over to your blog where that segment will now play on your site.

How is this different from what sites like YouTube are doing where you can grab the whole video and post it on your site? Click.TV lets you grab a section of the video instead of having to grab the whole thing.

Click.TV works with FLASH video. In development is a sharing site which will take your QuickTime and Windows Media and transcode it into Flash for you.

They are looking to partner with existing sites to add in this technology.

Mike Lanza of Click.TV writes in with this:
You didn't mention a fundamental benefit of Click.TV in your description: comments are hypertext links into the video at particular points in time. So, you can click on the comments in the comments panel below or on the comment squares in the matrix on top of the video to hop around the video instantly. The latter navigation method works in compact mode when the comment panel is gone.
Thanks Mike.

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