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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Andrew Baron wrote in to tell me that I'm in the current issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, May 4th, Issue 999, for my VLOG SOUP video blog.

Chuck Olsen is all happy that he's in Wired Magazine. Amanda Congdon lists her favorite vlogs in the current issue. I was going to be in there too, but I ended up on the cutting room floor.

Chuck posts Amanda's orginal list over on Blogumentary: I'M IN WIRED MAGAZINE!:
"Amanda's original list of fave vlogs:

Steve Garfield, also a Rocketboom correspondent, brings you on a weekly tour of the vlogosphere. Watching Steve's show is the most efficient way for me to keep up with new videoblogs. Plus, Steve's unwavering enthusiasm and good-natured playfulness always make him a joy to watch. His 80 year old mom, Millie, is interested in internet culture too. She has a blog-vlog hybrid called Thoroughly Modern Millie… I'd say!
Thanks Amanda!

This just in: I'm in Wired Magazine too!

Orrin writes in to say:
You are in Wired...there's a graphic in the front of the article and it lists you in a have to see the magazine itself-it's not online.
Thanks Orrin.


  1. Very cool, congrats!

    Print media.... how 20th century!

  2. I went over to CVS to check out the Rolling Stone issue, but the stagecoach hadn't delivered the current issue yet!

  3. Fairly impressive. When you make it to Penthouse, let me know.

    (Just kidding, of course. You are, in fact, THE MAN)