Thursday, April 27, 2006

Quoted in Business 2.0 on vlogs

Business 2.0 has an article about making money with vlogging and it features Rocketbooom, Prime Time for Vlogs? - May 1, 2006:
"Says Steve Garfield, a veteran video producer who's organizing the second Vloggercon conference this summer in San Francisco, 'People do this for artistic reasons, and for fun.' Perhaps, but with sites like Rocketboom proving out the business model, you can bet that a lot of vloggers will soon be doing it for profit too."
I've got to start recording interviews. I was interviewed on the phone twice for this article, and then had two or three follow up conversations with a fact checker.

I understand that magazines have only so many words they can fit into and article, and am happy that I have this blog to add what they left out.

Obviously I'm not the only organizer of vloggercon, we are all organizing vloggercon. It's June 10 -11 in San Francisco and you should come.

During the interview I probably said something about people doing videogblogging for many different reasons including marketing, politics, business, art, family, and fun. It seems to me that they took a part of what I said to craft the ending of the story.

"Start videoblogging today, make lots of money!" ;-)

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