Thursday, April 20, 2006

Re-Wired : Vodcast Simple

Jim Feeley suggests ways to make your own viral hit in his Wired article, Wired 14.05: Lights! Camera! Vodcast!. In his section on shooting, he suggests some of the following:
Choose your weapon: For Internet video, use a miniDV cam that captures 720 x 480-pixel footage.

Record clear audio: The built-in mike on your videocam is too far from the action.

Keep it steady: If you have to shoot handheld, lean against a wall or tree to stabilize yourself.

Film multiple takes: Rehearse, rewrite, and redo. Shoot each scene several times and from different angles.

Edit edit edit: Use free programs like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker to splice the best takes into a final video."
Well, you could do it that way, or you could do it this way. (My Suggestions):
Choose your weapon: Use a regular still camera that also shoots video at 320x240.

Record clear audio: Hold the camera close to your subject so that the inbuilt camera catches the audio cleanly.

Keep it steady: When shooting handheld, just keep your hand steady.

Film one take: Shoot one take of a moment that you want to capture.

Don't Edit: Post what you've just shot as it is. Capturing fleeting moments that would have otherwise been lost is a treasure.
Get out there and have fun and don't worry about being the next Steven Speilberg.


  1. Yeah, that's much better Steve!

    They just don't get it.

  2. Thanks, Steve.
    I feel much better about my vlog, now.

  3. Whew...and all this time I thought I was doing it wrong!

  4. Jumping on the bandwagon blind is how I see it :)

  5. Right Jan.

    If you have to "Rehearse, rewrite, and redo. Shoot each scene several times and from different angles", there's no spontenaity. Following directions like that sounds like you're shooting a major motion picture. Hang on while I rehearse eating my lunch. Now after I take a bite, do you want me to say, "Yummy" or does "I like this" sound more natural? Which way should I be facing? Can we get some makeup in here?

  6. Great post. I would rather see a poorly lit, shaky, hard to hear, low resolution video of a real moment than a "properly" done clip of a dry, over-rehearsed, and completely fake moment. If I wanted that I would just turn on my tv.