Thursday, April 27, 2006

Rockin Portable Speakers

I just hooked up the JBL - On Tour speakers to my PowerBook. They rock!
"The JBL On Tour is a compact, lightweight, high performance portable sound system."
Normally I've got a Cambridge Soundworks speaker system hooked up to my Powerbook with two speakers and a woofer.

When I go to a meeting and need speakers, I've got to box up the speakers and woofer. Kind of a drag but not that big a deal.

Tonight I went to the speakers reception for Podcast Academy. It was fun to meet a few people that I hadn't met in person including Michael Geoghegan.

We each got a goodie bag which included the On Tour speakers. They are great. I'm listening to them now and am going to be using them when I travel.

One thing that could be improved, the accompanying bag should be able to carry both the speakers and the power supply.

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