Monday, April 03, 2006

Verizon Freedom Value

When Verizon's Freedom Value plan came out for $34.95/month for unlimited nationwide calling, I signed right up.

Now, months later, I happened to take a look at my Verizon phone bill. Unlike the old days when you received a paper copy of the bill, I get an electronic version.

But not really.

I get an email telling me to log in to my account to look at the electronic version.

That's too much of a hassle.

I wish they'd just email me a copy.

So I took a look and saw that my current bill was for around $78. That isn't right.

It's supposed to be in the neighborhood of $34.95.

So I called Verizon after finding their phone # on the site and found out that I'd made a ton of in state calls that were outside of my calling area.

Bottom line, they credited me for about $30 and switched me over to the Verizon Freedom Value plan. Thanks Yolanda!

So after midnight, I'll be free to call Worcester! Hello Carl!

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