Monday, April 24, 2006

Videoblogging Peers?

Remember that iPod Emmy? The winner, AOL, was chosen by "a panel of their peers."

Here are the judges:
David Bohrman, Vice President/Washington Bureau Chief, CNN; Bob Calvano, Interactive Art Director, Oxygen Media; Michael Connor, editor, Business Ethics Magazine; Charles Dages, Executive Vice President Emerging Technology, Warner Bros. Technical Operations; Mary Alice Dwyer-Dobbin, Consultant, Television Programming & Production, and former Executive in Charge of Production, Procter & Gamble Productions, 1996-2005; Terry Ewert, Former Executive Producer, CBS Sports; Roger Goodman, Vice President, Special Projects, ABC News, Jeff Gralnick, Special Consultant, Internet & New Technology, NBC News and Chairman, E-splosion Consulting, llc; John LiBretto, Director, Dateline NBC/Senior Director, NBC News; Bob Roy, News Executive, ABC; Len Schneiderman, Director, Technical Operations, ABC News Productions; and Neal Shapiro, former President of NBC News, currently teaching journalism at Tufts University and Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.
Just throwing this out there as an FYI.


  1. 'nuff said. :-|

  2. It would seem that big media will not get the concept that it's world is changing to be user decided and not conference room programing. The notion of AOL winning a medium that was invented by the "little people" for each other was one by the corporate world is outlandish. I blame it on Bush. LoL