Thursday, January 11, 2007

DriveAwayTime: Hosey Forced From Axiom

I got a call from Ravi Jain last night asking me to come down to the new Axiom Gallery on Green Street to help him push his car, Hosey, OUT of the gallery.

Moving Hosey
With the help of a few others we actually had to lift the back end of the car off the gallery floor to get the car situated so we could push it out the door. Dave Wildman has more.

Boston’s Weekly Dig: Cops declare car in gallery to be "unsafe art":
"Think having an exhibit of videoblogs done in a car is a crazy idea? Well, pulling the car itself into the gallery proves to be an even crazier idea."
Come to the opening reception: Friday January 12th, 6-9pm.


  1. Anonymous10:38 PM

    That's crazy. Why can't they just put it on blocks.

  2. Because it has gas in the tank and there were questions about the floor being able to support the car, among other concerns.

  3. Remember... lift with your knees, not your soon to be twisted back!

    So visitors to the Axiom won't see my beloved Audi in the gallery, but they will see a new video piece entitled, "I've always wanted to put my Audi in a gallery."

    I kid you not.