Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ninja Goal Setting

Christopher Penn and Bre Pettis by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

Last night over at Christopher Penn's a few PodCamp Alumni and friends gathered for a small get together which included a Ninja excersise.

No, not that Ninja.

Christopher prepared us with this email:
In preparation for the party on Saturday, for those of you attending, I'd like for you to bring something with you, and for any guests you're bringing, the same. We will be performing what's called the goma, a ninja meditation exercise involving helping each other achieve our goals.

What I'd like for you to bring on Saturday is this - please choose one goal you want to achieve in 2007 more than any other. A goal you are fiery passionate about, a goal that you know you can achieve if you stretch past your comfort zone and one you'll burst with pride when you've completed. Be sure the goal you want to achieve is measurable in some way as well, and try to be concise in your description of it, ideally no more than a sentence or two.
Christopher did a great job leading us through the excercise.

On a record breaking day of warmth in Boston, I was wondering why Christopher had his fireplace blazing. It all became clear later on.

Chris Brogan would have totally loved it. A lot of the excercise had to do with committing to a goal and working on it everyday.

That reminds me, I should send off an email.

Christopher Penn has "Show Notes" from the party. This is the coolest thing I have every seen in my whole life!


  1. Anonymous7:06 PM

    It was something special to be part of it. I'm so glad everyone was into it and I look forward to getting together next year and seeing how well we all did.

  2. Anonymous11:34 PM

    By the way, all credit goes to my teacher's teacher, Stephen Kinryu-Jien Hayes, who brought all of this knowledge to America and has been incredibly generous in sharing it. You can find out more about what he does at:

    Thanks for being at the party and participating!