Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Steve Garfield's Personality via Autocomplete saw this Personality Test via Autocomplete over on Ed Kohler's blog so I tried it.

"This is the autocomplete personality test, where you type each letter of the alphabet into your browser's address bar and note what autocompletes."

I cleared out my browser's history this weekend so the results are for a few days. A number of the links are from the Berkman/Sunlight conference I went to this weekend at Harvard.

A - - Heard about this at Harvard
B - - Start your video blog here. is people.
C - - Say it to CBS
D - - Heard about this at Harvard
E - - Ethan Zuckerman
F - - I love my flickr friends
G - - the best sci-fi parody series on the web
H - - David Weinberger explains things
I - - Bre Pettis makes things
L - - All about the new TV landscape
M - - My mom
N - - Podcast on New Media by me, Steve Woolf and Zadi Diaz. Recorded live on Thursdays at 8:00 PM EST
O - - Find out about government. Your Guide to money in U/S. Election
P - - Jeff Pulver
S - - Robert Scoble
S - - Zadi and Steve
T - - Ego Surfing
U - - the best way to keep track of what the Boston area blogs are saying
V - - Philip Baruth takes the time to write longer posts that mean something.
W - - Washington Post
Y - - Sis you see that YouTube video yet?
Z - - Zadi Diaz

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  1. Anonymous3:29 PM

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    You can check out your personality types based on the following three personality theories.

    1. Machiavellianism.
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