Monday, January 29, 2007

Interview with's Mike Hudack

Interview with Mike Hudack from by Ajit Anthony of DV Guru:
"As a videoblogger, I had initially hosted all my content on my own web server. I did this so because I could control how the content was viewed, build an audience around my site and keep the rights to the content. But with the diverging media platforms, the task quickly became a nuisance. Some people didn't have Quicktime, iTunes didn't like Flash, then there is the Windows Media Center. Yikes! After a while, I decided to share the hosting responsibilities with

It was a pretty easy decision to choose You uploaded one file and it did the rest. The Blip Flash conversion was as good as Sorenson's awesome Flash conversion. They offered Windows Media Center compatibility. Like Revver, they offered ads but with added options. They offered raw statistics. Upcoming features promised even more flexibility and power. For a filmmaker or videoblogger, there is not a better hosting site than "
Great interview and a great story.

If you aren't hosting yor videos on, you should be.

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