Tuesday, July 31, 2007

AIM IM Chat with Roxie Chase

I got a random IM chat request today that started off with "hi" and went from there:
Them: hi
Me: are you a robot?
Them: nope
Them: how are u doing today ?
Me: why do you ask?
Them: i am roxie chase and u ?
Me: I am a robot
Me: are you a Ghost Tracker?
Them: nope, I am a person a living person
Me: are you the daughter of Judge Chase
Them: no
Me: are you on a christian mission to Africa
Them: why did u ask ?
Me: it says so on google
Me: are you a beautiful, petite and spunky poodle girl
Them: yes, am beautiful
Me: that's great, nice chatting, bye
Them: do u have a yahoo messenger ? we can talk there ?
Me: nope. bye.

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