Monday, July 09, 2007

How To: Set Up A New Macintosh

Here are the settings and programs I set up when putting together a new Macintosh.

1. Disable Caps Lock
System Preferences, Keyboard, Modifier Keys. Set Caps Lock Key to No Action.

I just hate it when I'm in the middle of typing somETHING AND ALL THE WORDS ARE IN CAPS, oops, because you hiy CAPS LOCK by mistake. Ha ha. Why is there a CAPS LOCK key any way? I can't think of one reason to use it. So I don't.

2. Dock
Apple Menu, Dock, Dock Preferences
Dock Size - Smaller
Automatically hide nad show the dock

3. Safari
Safari Menu, Preferences
Appearance - Standard Font - Verdana 18
Tabs - Enable Tabbed Browsing

View Menu
Show Status Bar

4. iChat
Add AIM username/password

5. flickr
Downlod and install Flickr Uploader.
There are others, but I'm used to this one. Just drag and drop from iPhoto and upload. Easy.

6. Text Wrangler
Text editor

7. ImageWell
Image editing application that lets you quickly resize, crop, watermark, edit your images, take screenshots and then upload them to the web, save to your computer or email them to a friend. The cool thinkg I like about ImageWell is that you can grab and image and then upload it to y our host. ImageWell then can save the HTML code that points to this image to your clipboard so you can go to your blogging software and paste the code right in.

8. Final Cut Studio
This takes about three hours to install. You can now choose alternate locations for all the image and data files prior to installation. That's cool.

9. SnapZPro X
Handy to capture video and save to disk.

10. Adobe Photoshop

11. Microsoft Word/Excel
If you don't already own these you can try Google Docs and Google Spreadsheet.

12. VueScan
HP scanner software support.

13. TypeIt4Me
Corrects common typing mistakes.

14. RBrowser
Free FTP client

15. Windows Media Players
Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X
Windows Media® Components for QuickTime, by Flip4Mac™.
Microsoft stopped supporting the Mac at version 9 and hte current PC version is 11. D'oh!

16. StuffIt Expander 11.0.2
To open downloaded and compressed application, Like Windows Media Player 9, above. D'oh!

17. RealPlayer

18. Skype

[ To Be Continued ]

Add your suggestions in the comments...


  1. Anonymous3:30 PM

    - install Adium IM
    - install Growl
    - install a good RSS reader (Netnewswire if you want to pay for the best on, otherwise the free Vienna)

  2. Steve, you may also find uploader a useful app

  3. Anonymous2:31 PM

    -install Quicksilver and ditch Spotlight
    -install Flip4Mac and forget about Windows Media Player
    -install Cyberduck ftp client
    -save money and get iWork instead of M$ Office and use OpenOffice (with X11) where iWork is lacking in spreadsheets. Keynote is amazing and Pages will do most everything Word offers.

  4. I used to use Adium and love it's tabbed chat feature, but miss the ability to to video chat with it, although I don't use video chat that often. I might just add Adium back in.

    Not sure I understand what Growl would do for me.

    I use as an RSS reader.

    I'll get Upper Blip.

    Flip4Mac allows you to play Windows Media Files inside QuickTime Player but don't you still need Windows Media component?

    RBrowser works for me as an FTP client, and I also like hte feature of Text Wrangler that let's me edit remotely hosted HTML files.

    I already own MS Word and Excel so I'll be loading them back on. I also have Keynote and I'll have to load that back too.

    Thanks for all the comments!