Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Picture on Viewing Web Video

The View From Spark
The View From Spark - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

Online video proliferation is creating frustration for web users says survey:
The massive explosion in user generated content is creating frustration for internet users according to the latest survey from Kelton Research in the US. With hundreds of thousands of new videos up-loaded each day the on-line video vaults are becoming over crowded and chaotic.
> 96% of Americans do not find the video they are looking for in their initial search, a trend that is likely to be replicated in the UK.
> Over 61% of internet users in the USA feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of video content available.
> 46% of these people choose not to watch online videos because they dread the task of trawling through the multitude of search results.
> Although the hardened internet user may persevere with the maze of search results to find the video they require, the majority of light users often give up their search out of sheer frustration.
If the internet is to provide quality entertainment to the masses in the form of user generated content then it has to become a much more user friendly experience. There are many entertaining videos on the web but these are far exceeded in number by those of low quality and little interest.

The main way I find interesting videos on the web is from recommendations. Other than the people I subscribe to, my recommendations come to me via email, IM, and twitter.

The other way to find interesting video is to visit a curated site. We are going to see a lot of new developments in this area.

Where do you get video recommendations?

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