Monday, July 02, 2007

Boston Globe: Article about BLOG has NO LINK

Daniel Grant writes a swell article in this morning's Boston Globe entitled, Blogs giving painters a new way to sell art. The only problem, no mention of the blog name and no online link:
Admirers often told Elizabeth Torak that they wished they could watch her working the brush as she developed one of her paintings.

Her studio in Pawlet, Vt., was too small to invite them all in, but she has managed to accommodate them through her blog -- and bolster her sales at the same time.
The Globe obviously does not get it. Do they realize how many people they are forcing to go to Google?

I went and searched Google for Elizabeth's blogs. Here they are:

Elizabeth Torak's Blogs
Creative Process
On the Easel

Here's Anna L. Conti's blog too. She's hasn't updated since her husband got Lukemia and is now writing at How's Dave Doing to keep family and friends informed. The Globe article doesn't even mention this.

One other thing, it would have been nice to have a Boston area blogger/artist in the article. Here's a link to my friend Amy Carpenter. She's a local videoblogger and painter.

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